A brief description of ecotech's history


EcoTech is an unification of three waste management companies in 1985: Ganata Cleaning N.V., Fast Cleaning N.V. and ATCO N.V.

In 1995 ATCO purchased the first RoRo truck and 5 buckets, later we added 2 self contained compactor for the Renaissance Hotels.

Officially EcoTech started on November 29 1999 with approximately 30 to 35 employees, the name is ECOlogyTECHnology.

Milestone in the company's history

Later we added one more for the Mall and the Roro business started to grow. Based on this outcome we purchased 5 more buckets every 2 months or so for the next few years.

Then we got our first private customer namely; Radisson Hotel to convert to our self contained compactor. Followed by other Hotels such as La Cabana, Hyatt, Wyndam, Holiday Inn, Marriott etc.

Milestone in the company's history

In the mean while a company called Hurco Jumco represented by Mr. Peter Hurd approached us through Tropical Bottling to install a large carton baling machine and an aluminum can densifyer.

At that point we then converted the large warehouse that was just sitting there without a proper use, into a MRF (Material recycling Facility).

Milestone in the company's history

Then we started with carton/Aluminum collection at several of our customers, and the price of the carton/Aluminum would pay for the operation and the investment of the machines for the next 5 years.

Thereafter we invested in Balers and placed them at a large volume compactor customers, then reduced the volume and compactor trips to the land fill in order to cover the balers operational cost.

Milestone in the company's history

We purchased (Shon Pa) Ganata cleaning the first and oldest (14 to 15 years in business) private waste collection company competing with Serlimar.

At that point we hired a young dynamic civil engineer and took this business (to the next level) over from Atco’s operation and became the 3rd (supporting) pillar of Atco as an organization.

Approximately 5 to 7 years later, another private company appeared in this field of waste collection and vacuum service. We were offered and then purchased this company as well.