About Us

We make it our business to produce the highest quality possible.

Company Profile

EcoTech Aruba N.V. is an Aruban company, established in 1985.

EcoTech offers a complete waste management program consisting of waste collection for commercial, industrial, medical, residential and maritime clients. Ecotech offers a wide range of toters, bins, buckets and oil totes which are serviced by a fleet of MACK trucks.

All the collected waste is brought to EcoTech’s sister company, Ecotechfreezone, a state of the art waste separation plant build in 2009. This facility separates the sand, glass, rocks, organics such as food waste, ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals out of the waste stream.  Marketable recyclables are exported around the world. The remainder of the waste which is classified as refuse derived fuel is further compacted in to a 5:1 ratio and bagged into enviro bales for further storage.

Furthermore, EcoTech offers septic services, vacuum services, kitchen oil and engine oil collection, collection of construction and demolition waste, and a variety of other services.

EcoTech Aruba N.V. is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.

Our team is focused on raising awareness to contribute to recycling.


Our mission is to offer high-quality service in an effective and efficient way to fulfill the demand of the customers. EcoTech serves value for money against a competitive price.


The primary goal is to create awareness by educating the people of Aruba on the necessity to recycle. Secondly, options to existing waste handling and dumping techniques must be clearly communicated. As a result of developing an understanding of environmental impacts and effective, positive, programs, all Arubans can become involved in contributing to the improvement and safeguarding of their environment.


EcoTech Aruba’s logo represents primarily “ecological responsibility”. The circle symbolizes the earth, rotating on its axis. The E in the middle stands for Ecology and Earth. The moving arrows around the world reflect the recycling symbol: “ Mobius Loop”. The color green, the corporate color of EcoTech Aruba, also represents the natural environment.

Meet the team

EcoTech believes sincerely that our employees contributes in the growth of the company. With this vision in mind we commit our selves in the success of the company. Our people are hard workers, reliable and well trained. We offer our people the courage & support needed in personal and professional developments. With an open service minded mentality we focus each day on giving our customers the quality service that is required.